Greendale Estate Policies

  1. Family Communication will take place as necessary. This will allow all concerned to be informed. Families and tenants are encouraged to ask questions and express concerns. The facility manager can be reached at the main floor office, in writing, or by telephone. Contact information is on the first page.
  2. Tenant/Family or responsible person is asked to check refrigerators and cabinets (Assisted Living) regularly and to assist with the selection of furniture so as not to be in a Fire Hazzard situation.
  3. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building or on the property. This decreases the risk of fire and improves air quality for everyone.
  4. This being a Public Housing Unit all tenants must observe respectful noise levels. Absolutely no disruptive behaviour will be tolerated and will be seen as cause for eviction. Serious offenses will be reported to authorities.
  5. Consumption of alcohol must be kept entirely confined to the tenants suite.
  6. Resident pets are generally not allowed in the building, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis by Greendale management. . However visiting pets, either by family or for therapiutic reasons will be looked upon favourably.
  7. Tenants are responsible for personal household insurance.
  8. For reasons of fire safety, all extension cords must be fuse-protected and tenants are not allowed the use of “spiders” or multiple outlet gadgets.
  9.  Electric blankets are not allowed for tenant safety and fire hazard reasons.
  10. Open flame candles are not allowed for tenant safety and fire hazard reasons.
  11. All personal mobility units must be stored in the suites. To store items that do not fit into the suites tenants need to make arrangements with the Property Manager.
  12. The Tenancy Ageement is made between Greendale Estate and the registered tenant. Subletting of the suite is not to be considered.