Moving In

Information about Admittance and Requirements


Assisted Living Tenants

Assisted Living Residency

Supportive Housing Residency

Note: Prior to admission you will need to provide a list of medications currently used, name of your physician and contact information for family member or advocate.

Also, you or your family member will be asked to complete a personal history form to help staff become familiar with your interests, likes and dislikes, etc. and to provide a minimum of two contact names.

Tenant records are confidential and will not be released without appropriate permission, and are used only to help provide the supports you need.

Greendale Estate will abide by Personal Health Information Act (Manitoba) guidelines at all times.

Upon confirmation of your residency at Greendale Estate, please plan to have your personal items in place at least one day prior to moving in, and plan for your support person to stay with you to help with the adjustment to your new home and to help minimize the stress of moving.